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Freebie Festival Marketing Co-op Program


Co-op Marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to get exposure and increase your Email List.

Each month DTD Freebie Festival will be providing “free” offers and digital products so that Joint Venture (JV) Partners can build their mailing lists in the least cost effective way.  

It's Easy To Join

This also gives JV Partners an opportunity to try-out new Lead Magnet (Free) products.

Just think about it a place where you can make an offer and see how many people respond to your offer.  

The way it works is you It’s easy to sign-up.


1. Get your square

2. Download Other JV Programs

3. Get Promoted All Year

4. Get Featured...

5. Tell Your Clients & Friends To Go To

You Only Pay...

$99.00 Per Square
for 2 months

Or Pay

$500.00 Per Square...

for one full year



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